Announcements partners with to add conversation intelligence to voice and video apps

Amanda Zhu

July 9, 2023

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Our Partnership

We’re incredibly excited to announce our partnership and integration with! enables developers to easily add conversational intelligence to their existing apps and tools, and through the integration with, developers can now stream voice data from Zoom, Teams, Meet, or Webex directly into APIs. No need to juggle real-time audio streams or pass an MP4 file between multiple APIs, the integration with enables this in just a few lines of code. provides conversation intelligence APIs that provide powerful capabilities such as summarization, sentiment analysis, topic detection and more. Because's AI models have already been trained on a wide range of conversation data, this gives developers out-of-the-box abilities to add conversation intelligence, while eliminating the need for the development, training, and maintenance of in-house AI models. provides access to the voice, video and metadata from video conferencing platforms. The combination of these two APIs helps developers add conversation intelligence to voice and video apps in hours instead of months.

For example, a sales coaching tool built using APIs can use to get the audio file after the meeting, then use's generative AI and deep conversation understanding capabilities to generate a summary of the conversation, analyze prospect sentiment, and deliver call scores that evaluate sales rep or agent performance based on factors such as communications and engagement, ability to answer questions, forward motion of the call, and sales process adherence.

Another example is a real-time assist app that utilizes to capture the live audio stream from a meeting. It then employs to offer real-time assistance, including reminders for the speaker to maintain a suitable speech pace, enable other speakers to participate, and provide relevant information from a customized knowledge base based on real-time event detection.

This partnership between and will help developers quickly add intelligence to voice and video apps, as AI features become more essential for end users. We look forward to seeing the innovative apps that will be created.