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How to access audio streams in the Zoom Web SDK?

Amanda Zhu

December 10, 2023


People commonly ask on the Zoom Developer Forum:

How do I access the raw audio in the Zoom Web SDK? I’ve tried running ZoomMtg.mediaCapture({ record: “start” }), but I’m not getting a recording back.


This is definitely an issue we’ve seen many times. We use the Web SDK extensively to power our meeting bots, and this is something we’ve encountered before.

The mediaCapture API call only triggers the recording consent pop up. It doesn’t actually give you access to the audio and video streams. You need to extract them from the running instance of the SDK itself.This can be something as simple as screen recording the browser, but doing it reliably and in a high performance way can get really complicated

Another option is Recall.ai . It’s a simple 3rd party API for meeting bots to get the raw audio/video from meetings + output video/audio without you needing to spend months to build, scale and maintain these bots. It also works across Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and other meeting platforms.

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