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How Long Should Bots Wait in Waiting Rooms?

David Gu

December 12, 2022

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When implementing a recording bot, a difficulty you run into is that many meetings have a “waiting room” enabled, where you need to wait for the host to let your bot in. In this situation, you’re faced with a decision to make: how long should you wait?

It’s possible that the host is keeping your bot in the waiting room for a good reason. For example, they may be waiting for the other participants to arrive, or they may want to ask for permission before they record.

It’s also possible that the host has no intention of letting your bot in, and you’ll be burning resources for nothing as your bot twiddles its virtual thumbs. 

At Recall, we run very large numbers of bots for our customers in a wide variety of industries. We’ve found that the average time a bot spends in the waiting room is 22:11, however for bots that are eventually admitted to the call the average wait time is only 2:23. 

This means that for bots that are let in to a call, they are generally let in quite quickly. In fact, the 95th percentile of waiting times (for bots that are eventually admitted) is only 9:07. That means that if your bots automatically left waiting rooms after 10 minutes, only 5% of them would have left “early”.

The histogram tells the story very clearly – the vast majority of bots get admitted promptly – after about 13 minutes of waiting, it’s extraordinarily rare for a bot to still be wanted.


It’s safe for recording bots to automatically exit waiting rooms after around 10 minutes (15 minutes if you want to be extra safe)