Announcing our $2.7M Seed Round

David Gu

December 29, 2022 is thrilled to announce our $2.7M million seed.

Participating in the round is Y Combinator, Cathexis Ventures, Pioneer Fund, Rebel Fund, Bungalow Capital, SV Tech Ventures, Starling Ventures, and other great institutional investors. Notable executives are also joining this round, such as David Cramer (Sentry CTO), Brian Vallelunga (Doppler CEO), Mike Adams (Grain CEO), Austen Allred (BloomTech CEO), Siqi Chen (Runway Co-Founder), among many others.

The next generation of apps

Recall was founded at the beginning of the pandemic. The world shifted to remote work, and in-person meetings were replaced with video conferencing calls. Today, the post-pandemic world is opening up again - but remote work and video conferencing are here to stay.

At the same time, rapid developments in AI have made it easier than ever to extract insights from unstructured voice and video data. Recent releases like GPT-3 and Whisper demonstrate our rapidly increasing capability to understand voice and video with AI.

With these two trends combined, we believe the next generation of apps will leverage the data in our video meetings. We already see entirely new products are being built around this data, such as interview intelligence and speech coaching apps. Even software serving traditional industries, such as legal, healthcare, and education apps, are using meeting data to revolutionize their existing products.

The missing link

But how do you access data from video meetings in the first place?

You need to build a surprising amount of infrastructure. It takes an entire engineering team six months to do this, plus an additional two months for every new video conferencing integration. It’s time consuming, resource intensive, and expensive to build. provides a unified API to access and work with meeting data, such as the real-time video and audio, the recording, who the meeting participants are, when participants spoke, when participants joined or left the meeting, when screen sharing started and stopped, and more. Today, we integrate with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. It takes a single engineer only days to get into production.

What’s next

With this new funding, we’ll be growing our engineering team, building out more video conferencing integrations, and making it easier to apply AI technologies onto the voice and video data from

We’re extremely fortunate to have a great team, customers, partners, and investors behind us. We’re also actively hiring, and if you’re interested in being a part of the journey, please reach out to me at - we’d love to chat.