Recall + Sybill Case Study

"We literally were able to get an extra $50k MRR in a single month by going with Recall, versus us having to hire three new developers, train them, onboard them and use them to build these integrations out. "


Hi, my name is Soumyarka Mondal. I'm the Co-Founder and CTO at Sybill.

At Sybill, we are building a generative AI powered copilot for the enterprise sales team.  Sellers are busy doing non essential, non revenue generating activities for at least 70 percent of their time. Sybill is helping them by intelligently automating these activities, whether through our pre call brief, through our personalized post call follow up emails, or by updating the state of the deal in their CRM after every call and even every email.

Sybill is using Recall's APIs to pull in the behavioral as well as the spoken data from all of these video conversations in a very secure and compliant manner.

Before using Recall's APIs, we built and maintained our own infrastructure for capturing Zoom calls.

the sales team was constantly being bombarded with inbound sales requests, but those enterprises are not on Zoom. They were on Microsoft Teams.

When the time came to expand our offering beyond Zoom to, say, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, we had an option. Either we had to hire at least two new engineers, onboard them onto our legacy meeting note taker infrastructure, and then ask them to actually go out there in the world, understand the APIs , and build a similar infrastructure in house like we had for Zoom.

That's where we came across Recall.

The similar nature of our APIs and the interfaces and the way that it was literally a drop in replacement for our own note taker and data capture infrastructure that just made it a no brainer deal.

Within like four or five weeks since even starting with Recall, we started to get the ROI on that investment.

We literally were able to get like around 50k of more fresh new revenue in like a single month by just going with Recall versus us having to hire three new developers, train them, onboard them and use them to build these integrations out.

It just unlocked a lot of like new go to market and TAM. The TAM just suddenly became 3x, the market that we could play in.

 As far as maintaining our own internal, uh, meeting infrastructure, you will definitely start running into very weird edge cases.

So going with Recall in this case will abstract away all of those platform specific. weirdness and the complexities. Just having that peace of mind that now there is a API provider who is going to take care of all of that for us. I think that was also a huge like unlock for us in the engineering space.

Capturing this conversational data, it's so critical to Sybill as a product that the skittishness around just going to a vendor in the first place, right?

We should keep it in house, right? That buy versus build debate. But that willingness during the POC phase of you guys to go above and beyond. That kind of sealed the deal from my buy versus build debate,

 it has been a partnership with Recall since day one, and I definitely see it that way going forward.