Recall + Allego Case Study

"Not having to build it ourselves it allowed us to get the solution we needed, but also spend our limited development resources on other things that would add more value to our customers."


I'm Phil Costa. I'm the SVP of product development at Allego. Allego provides a suite of applications focused on salespeople and other customer facing employees. And we support a number of different use cases around making them more effective, onboarding people, ongoing coaching, rolling out new products, and overall making them more effective at delivering the company's message or interacting with their prospects.

We use Recall within our conversation intelligence product, and we use it to capture recordings of meetings that occur on Zoom or Google Meets or other online meeting platforms. We saw a trend moving more and more towards online meetings, and we wanted to make sure we were able to capture those. And we didn't have a bot solution that would allow us to capture those kinds of meetings.

We originally set out to build one ourselves, but we then realized sort of the cost and complexity that was going to be involved in that. That's when we discovered Recall. And that was a great opportunity because not having to build it ourselves, not having to focus on something that really wasn't our core competency, it allowed us to get the solution we needed, but also, you know, spend our limited development resources on other things that, would add more value to our customers.

Third party integrations are always more complex than they initially seem, and they just become a tax that you have to continually pay.

Whereas if you can find a partner that can manage that problem for you and it's their primary focus, then your interests are aligned and long term your product will be more robust and richer than you would if you were trying to build everything yourself.

The collaborative nature of the team has been really positive. The product works, you know, has advertised and then also, you know, it's allowed us to to focus our resources on additional features that our customers want us to build on top of the data that we get from, from Recall recordings.

So it's sort of a win win in that respect. Overall, it's been a really strong partnership.

We've been very happy with Recall and we're looking forward to continuing to evolve the relationship.